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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tomorrow is a public holiday, but i got to stay at home to rest. Reason is very simple, I caught a bug flu... Have been suffering from cought and running nose for the last few days. I think maybe is because of the weather. The weather was rather cold.... burr burr....making me shivering.

Hee... A few more days, Xmas will be coming. Wondering if i can see the santa claus putting a present beside me like when i was a small child...wat an innocence thinking I have. Too bad singapore unable to have white xmas.

Although sad to say this year xmas no lover but only frenzs to celebrate with... but still will be fun loving day.

I got to get plenty of rest... hereby wish all my buddies (you all know who you are) A Merry Xmas in advance... Hohooo...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Yesterday went out with one of my frenz to have some chat and eating dinner at suntec. I think Christmas season is approaching that why the shopping mall are so crowded with people doing their xmas shopping spree.

In fact I thought I will buy something but end up I did not. Maybe I wan to save money. haha so lame. My frenz and I went to Suntec to eat Steamboat buffet... wah it so delicious and so full. Hee...

Photos at Esplande:

A few days ago, a friend of mine called me up for a chat, we chat for quite a long time. She asked me for an advice on a relationship problem. I am not able to answer her question because me my ownself was a failure too.

The question went like this: A girl like a boy but the boy do not know about it because the girl never tell her feelings to him. The boy sometimes still think about his ex-gf and from here we can know that the boy have not totally forgotten about his ex-gf, never put the past behind yet. The girl do not want to miss the chance and hoping that boy will become her bf one day.

Should the girl tell the boy she likes him and keep on waiting for him? i do not have the answer.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Finally back to my blog, it been ages since I update my blog Hee... Rather busy and also lazy to do an update on my blog.

Time really flies very fast, soon Xmas coming and then start of the year 2008. I need to think what is my wish for xmas... sometimes how I wish I'm still a small child being so innocence thinking there really a santa claus giving me present.

I still remember where I'm little child, I always saw the present always placed beside me whenever I woke up in the morning of the christmas day. As I grew up, the reality is my mum is the santa claus haha... hohoho.

Now... I gotta to slowly ponder wAt is my christmas wish.... hopefully can come true.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Recently my boss is in bad mood, because he g0tta lots of things to do, submitting of reports, going for appointments and attending meetings here and tHere.

That's why he keep finding people to scold. Almost all my colleagues got scolded by him. Of course, that include me as well.... sigh. A person in a bad mood, everytime he sees is 不顺眼.

When a person is in fiery and frustrating mood, the only way is..... if it is possible try to avoid him as far as possible. If n0t u will be aim again as he is finding people to ‘开刀’. But too bad, I g0t lots of reports need my boss approval so of cos unable to avoid him.

I think next week his mood should be back to normal. Hope so... I will pray hard for it. Can't help feeling so stressed, tired & moody. Trying my best to make myself happy but soooooo..... hard.

That time i'm a bit bore so I shoot some pictures of my office... for the fun of it.

~the entertainment area jus beside @ pantry (is tat plasma or LCD tv)~

~clearer view of the entertainment area (anyone playing darts)~

~ my office desk~

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Jus now went to take family photo at a photo studio. This have been dragging quite long since my sis finish her convocation.

Finally she book a time slot with the studio. The whole family left home about 3pm. My dad drove us there but before we heading to the studio we went to fetch my granny.

Wah inside the studio there are so many people waiting to take photos too... haha. At last is our turn, we went inside a room, the photographer help to correct our posture and positions. We gotta to do these things so that the photos will turn out well.

After that, we headed home cos my mum gotta to cook dinner. My mum, sis & me went to our house garden to take photos. It such a fufilling day

I was chatting wif a frenz on the phone. She told me she wans her bf to b good looking... I told her off. looks will faded with time... the most impt thing to find a guy that can make a good hubby. Cos good bf doesn't mean can be a gooD hubby too. Good looking also doesn't mean he is good in character. Me trying v hard not to think of those unhappy things.... trying hard to be as happy as usual. but it seem like too hard deceiving myself. cos I keep feeling my life is so empty.

~omg my granny's eyes nvr open haha~

~my mum & me @ my hse roof top garden~

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Yesterday, I met someone whom I haf not seen or contact him quite a long time. This person is DY my ex-bf. The relationship I had with him was rather short about 4 mths.

In fact, this is the only relationship that had no sad things but happy moments. I still can remember during that period i already make him as my ideal one. The reason that we broken up was bcos he going for overseas study. Too bad, we are haf no fate.

I was on my way home at Raffles Place. Suddenly, someone tapped on my shoulder. I was shocked to see him. DY still look the same to me, tall, clean and gentle guy.

DY said he can't totally recognize me and jus trying his luck if I'm the one. I laughed.... As his friends will be late and I'm not rushing home so both of us went to the coffee club to have a chat and coffee.

We chat lots of things... he jus came back from overseas for a short vacation. Then he said his gf is still in USA. It been such a long time, I already treat him as my friend and nothing else. Both of us exchange contacts then we bid each other good bye. It so happy to see a long time friend.

Last week, I am a bit down and now I am feeling betta than last week. Trying not to think so much.... got to go on with my life.

Last saturday, went out with a frenz as my mood is not too good. went to clarke quay to have a long chat and drink. We chat a lot of things....

The night scenery is beautiful so I took a picture of it. The wind blowing so cooling.... making my mood feel betta a bit.

My friend jus now send me Kelly's song.... i quite like the song called '印象派的爱情' going to put this song into my blog hee... While listening to the song, I tot of the relationship I had wif DY. I think this relationship give me the most happy moment impressions. Anyway, it only a part of the memory... of the past.

Right now, I need to get a new swim suit cos I wan to go for a swim haha....

~such a nice night scenery (pic taken by ME)~

Friday, September 28, 2007

There is something happen which make me feel depressed. As the saying goes, if a person dunno how to cherish a chance and up to the end it is too late for regret.

I came to know a guy frenz a few years back.... During that time, I'm still young and like those fun-loving type guys not those too mature for me. That why I never put effort in further a relationship with that guy cos he is too mature and older than me not those lively type. But he really a gentleman, a nice guy but too bad I let go of the chance.

Recently, I heard he is preparing to get marriage. Frankly speaking, when I got to know tis news I feel depressed. I was in a delima, am I feeling sad is bcoz I got feeling for him or is I regret that I let go of the chance. Never cherish it.

I cant sleep so I called up one of my frenz for chatting cos I'm feeling down. While talking to her, I feel a bit much betta. My friend told me I'm feeling sad is bcos I regret that I never cherish the chance and let such a good chance to slip by. Both of us decided to go out for a chat and drink the next day.

Now my mindset change, I really wish to settle down and have a family of my own. I decided to look out for guys who can make good hubby that is my first priority. Not those guys only can make a good boyfriend not good hubby. If can of course, I want both.

I know my mum is worring & wishing I can settle down soon with my future ideal partner. She keep hinting me to go & find one. But where on earth can I find one.... help.

I got help my friend to match make but me myself seem do not have luck in my love life. Sigh....anyone understand and help me. Feeling so helpless & empty.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Yesterday 26 Sept 07, went to Marina Sq, Jack's Place with my leis buddies to celebrate W.E.N b'dae. It was such a wonderful & an enjoyable night.

Of course, same as usual all of us will provide update on our recent life. Everyone is still kinda as busy & fine. That good news haha. Hope our next gathering will not be on weekday cos like v rush unable to stay until late cos next day gotta to work. I hereby propose to arrange the gathering on Friday or Saturday it seem betta isn't it.

So when will our next meeting will be.... kinda still arranging.

Some photos taken @ the Jack's Place....c'mon let take a look

Jess suddenly pop up from behind...
me & b'dae ger W.E.N.... let smile

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today haf been raining non-stop. It such a cooling weather nice to sleep. Hee... Just now went to develop the photos.

It been such a long time since I went to develop photos....technology really change alot. I bought my thumb drive there. Inside it, I have store those photos which I have been wanting to develop long long time ago. In fact, I also decided to choose one of my leis group photo to develop into 2R as a remembrance which can put into the wallet. But 2R photo cum in two.... that mean i haf an extra 2R photo.

~ **Annocement ** ~: Ok, I will do it this way.... all my leis buddies pls take note I got an extra 2R photo who wan it. let me Know... no worries it FOC haha.... The photo is the one which we taken on my b'dae gathering. (Look @ my previous blog)

This morning, my frenz EC sms me that he is on mc today. Im lunching in today cos of the rain.... sigh. As i'm free so decided to call him up to check out on him. We chatted for abt 15mins cos im bore... haha.

This coming thurs is my good frenz DF b'dae and we decided to celebrate his b'dae on fri instead. Haf bought a gift for him online but the prob is I can only rece'd the item next mth. I placed the order from a US website. I told DF, I can only give him his present next mth cos of the stupid shipping timing. He joke by saying by next mth it will be a belated birthday gift. Haha... so lame.

Ok gotta to sleep le.... zZzz

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend so fast over... haha. yesterday really haf a great gathering with my leis buddies. It was such a great fun. The gathering is meant to celebrate my b'dae.

Really happy to rece'd present from them.... amt is not a prob most importantly is the thoughts that counts. We went to Plaza Sing' to haf our dinner. We chit chat here and there.... non stop wahaha....

I think it is quite good to come out to celebrate each other b'dae whenever we can. So now we shld look out for our next gathering coming in next mth. Got to eat declicious foodies again. Look like I got to exercise more before the next gathering haha....

Yesterday tot of asking my frenz out for a drink after my gathering with my leis buddies but too bad he fell asleep while waiting for my call... oh my god

Here comes the picture

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finally 23rd August, it was a special day for me. Is my B'dae... Happy B'Dae to my myself haha. Sigh.. one year older again.
This year b'dae is full of surprise, happiness and a bit sad too. Maybe next time then say abt the say thing.

It was a bright and beautiful morning. After I reached my office, I switched on my mobile wah my inbox was full of b'dae greeting sms. I will like to thanks to all my great frenzs out there including my best leis buddies for making the effort to remember my b'dae and sent those sms. It the thoughts that counts. I'm taking half day leave, not in the mood to work too. My mum taking half day leave too.

Around 1.05pm, my mobile sound again it was an incoming sms from my good guy frenz DF. It was a greeting sms and he asked me if I'm taking half day. I replied him yes and told him I'm on my way home already. He sms me back if i could meet him at 230pm. I felt something fishy... so I asked him whether he working today. He said he took half day leave to get the b'dae gift for me. Oh my god, I never thought he would do that.

My mum came back, she cooked 'mian sian' for me and herself to eat. Of course, my share is special got 2 hard boiled eggs. It tasted yummy.....

At 230pm, DF sms me saying he already at my house downstairs asking me to come down to meet him and he asked me if he can come up to my house cos he is feeling hot and sweaty. I went downstairs to meet him...

It was a great SURPRISE! He bought a cake, a key chain and a bouquet of pink roses. Oh my god, I keep saying thank you to him for the gift and surprise. Frankly speaking, quite touched for the thing he had done for me. He is such a great friend.

He came to my house. When I open the cake box, it was the mango cake.... Beside that, DF also bought a cute little key chain. The cake really taste very yummy, mango was very fresh.

Both of us chit chat here and there, looking around my house and he started to play wif my piano. He asked me to play a piece of music for him. I can't cos long time nvr practise. Around 4pm plus and DF decided to go home.

As I'm going to ntuc to buy something so decided to go off with him. We part off at the mrt station before I headed to the supermart.

Once again, I will like to say thanks to DF for the wonderful gifts. Such a wonderful pal. haha

My Beautiful bouquet of pinK roses:

B'Dae Cake 'Mango cake'...Yummy (opps one slice already cut off)

Little cute 'Luck charm' Key Chain

Monday, August 20, 2007

Being Loved by someone or Loved someone which one is better? Of course got both will be better but if you can only choose one which one will you ever choose? It really very hard to choose one of it.

Ever since the expression of my feeling toward that guy, I'm trying my best to treat him back as a normal friend. When you like someone, in your heart you also wan the person to be happy even if that person can't be your that special someone.

So frustrating over the relationship problem... sigh it so complicating. Should I keep hang on to it???

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My family and I went out to haf dinner. In fact, it also to celebrate my dad's lunar b'dae. Times seem passed very fast. My dad has grown old le.... gotta to do something for him back. still pondering abt it....

We went back to our 'old house' area kopitiam to have our dinner. Let me count, it been abt 4yrs plus since I last came back here. Saw many familiar faces, those old neighbours and started chit chatting here and there. I saw my neighbour who is one of my sec sch mate 's cousin. She is the first one to see me, I didn't see her at all. Both of us haf a short chat.

The kopitiam is packed wif people so buzzy and my family waited for a empty table for quite long time. Haha... their business still so good as usual. My dad ordered 4 dishes... urgh forgot to take the pictures for remembrance. Sigh.... see those appetizing foods make me forgotten abt taking the photos. Hee...

Finally we finished our dinner. It was the first time my young sis give my family a treat. She has grown up... has her earnings. While walking to the car park, lots of past memories came back. I haf been walking around this car park since my childhood days... abt 20 plus yrs before I moved to my new house.

It really a wonderful night and delicious dinner. It time to say bye bye to my old house memories. Dad started his car's engine and off we head back home.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Today one of my friend called me and asked me to advise her. I was stunned by the question she ask. In fact, I do not reali have any experience in such area.

The question goes like this : If a ger express her feelings to a guy but the guy responsed by saying he can't really feel it totally. He want the girl to show more action than in words. What does that mean? My frenz already make the first step, what more the guy want? Not include physical body contact.

Sometime dun understand what guy actually want... it so hard to understand their mind. They always say women are complex, I also can say men are so complex as well too.

This morning actually wanted to play basketball near my house but too bad my friend nvr manage to get a basketball pumper. Who got the pumper can lend me? I haf been wanting to learn basketball... so pls any kind soul out there lend me your pumper if u can haha.

My friend and I change to play badminton but sad to say the weather is not good to us. Raining & raining.... haha. End up our badminton session was cancelled. Hope can arrange another one again.

Friday, August 17, 2007

I just saw this cute picture and it really very funny.... haha

~Cloud on Si Meh's Head~

Reserve Meh: "There is a cloud on your head."

Si Meh: "Si Meh?"
(it seems Si Meh is very angry....wahaha)

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